At Two’s a Crowd we care about the planet, the people on it and the wildlife who were here long before us. So what are we doing?

1. We never exploit animals. None of our tours include animal rides. Whether its camels or elephants, our wildlife is meant to exist in peace not as a means of touristic transport. We do not visit so called “animal sanctuaries” where wildlife is only kept for tourism. The places we do visit are renowned for their work is saving threatened species or animals orphaned by poachers. eg David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi for orphaned elephants in Nairobi, Kenya.

2. We only work with companies who employ local guides and drivers so the tourism investment by our clients stays with the local communities. We include tipping on most of our tours to ensure on-ground staff are fully rewarded for their work. Tipping is an important income source in many countries where base wages are far lower than in Australia.

3. We no longer print and mail travel documents. Aside from the huge quantity of paper saved, we found the Australia Post service so unreliable that many documents had to be sent multiple times. If you do require printed documents, we can send them via Express Post. A fee for this service applies.

4. All paper used in our office is 100% recycled.

5. All printer cartridges are recycled.