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What does ‘solo traveller’ mean?

When we refer to ‘solo travellers’ we mean people who are travelling alone, or more specifically, wish to have their own room. The marital or relationship status of customers is irrelevant – a solo traveller could be single, a person in a relationship whose partner does not share their travel interests, or friends who wish to travel together but still want their own rooms!

What is the age range for your tours?

Our tours are designed to appeal to people aged 40 years and over. Our clients are typically aged from 50 to late 60’s and beyond.

Do you try to match people romantically?

No! Our sole intention is to help people who wish to travel solo find a way to do so in a more affordable and enjoyable way. It’s inevitable that some travellers meet people they get along with and many form lasting friendships. As for romance, that’s out of our hands!

I don’t really like the idea of ‘tours’ and usually travel independently - how are your solo tours different?

With Two’s a Crowd you get all the advantages of an organised tour (logistics, safety etc) while travelling with a group of like-minded travellers No couples, no families and no ‘tables for one’. Our group sizes average 15 and are never more than 20*. Plus you’ll always have your own room – we never ask customers to share.

*Ship and train charter groups are larger.

What do you mean by low or no single supplements?

Single supplements can be as much as 100% of the ‘per person twin share’ rate, which makes travelling alone an expensive business. Our definition of a ‘low’ single supplement is below 30% however we aim to keep the supplement as low as possible.

So I have my own room. Will I have a double bed?

The allocation of rooms is at the full discretion of the hotels and, while we request double beds for all our customers, unfortunately we can’t guarantee it. Some may get doubles, others twin beds and others a single bed. The latter are especially common in Europe. All hotel rooms will have a private ensuite. In cases where our group is staying in more ‘exotic’ accommodation such as a Bedouin tent in Egypt or a Royal Tent in India, you may need to share shower/toilets, but this is very rare.

What is the role of a Two's a Crowd Tour Host?

Our Tour Hosts turn an ordinary holiday into an extraordinary adventure. They work closely with the local guides at our destinations to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of each and every tour. Travel is their passion and they love sharing it – from local customs to ‘must try’ dishes. They’re also more than happy to just hang out – taking our customers round the local markets, sitting for a while and watching the world go by or even accompanying them to dinner – just ask!

I've seen group tours from other companies which are cheaper - what’s the deal?

There are tour companies around that may be able to offer cheaper tours but the single biggest driver of tour cost is group size. Many of those tour companies operate with group sizes of up to 40 people which is mostly couples. Big groups mean less personal service and it can end up being more about seeing the sights than experiencing a culture. We keep our groups to an average of 15. While that does increase the cost, it makes for a better, more memorable and more authentic experience. We also generally have the same guide throughout rather than a different guide in each city, which means you get to know them! Smaller group sizes mean we can stay at hotels that are in the centre of cities rather than staying on the outskirts as bigger groups tend to have to.
And don’t forget, with Two’s a Crowd we never mix up our solos with couples and families. It’s always just solo travellers.

Are departures guaranteed for the small group solo tours?

Because we source tours specifically for solo travellers, departure is guaranteed once a minimum number of confirmed travellers is reached (generally 8). It’s possible that a particular tour may not generate enough interest. In this event you’ll be notified well in advance and we’ll discuss what other options we can offer you. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Booking Form for more information. We keep group sizes small to not only provide our customers with a fantastic experience but also to minimise cancelled tours.

What if I’m interested in Two’s a Crowd but you don’t currently have a tour to my preferred destination?

We conduct a regular survey to find out more about our customer’s travel preferences including preferred destinations. If your preferred destination is a little more obscure and not so popular with others, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We’re
always happy to help!

Are all meals included in the tour cost?

Our tours promise to give you more free time and the opportunity to absorb the local culture, so we find that many travellers like the opportunity to explore and choose their own dining options. On days when a lunch or dinner is not included, our tour guide will always suggest local places for you to try. You can dine with a new friend or two from the tour, or go exploring alone – it’s up to you!


Our small group tours are private departures just for Two’s a Crowd solo travellers. You won’t be joining up with a larger group of people for your tour. There’ll be on average, no more than 15 people and they’ll all be solo travellers – no couples, kids or families. For your peace of mind, our tours are also accompanied by a Two’s a Crowd Tour Host.  Two’s a Crowd also operate exclusive cruise and canal barge charters. In this case group sizes are larger, but the ship or barge is exclusive to our solo clients and everyone has their own cabin. In fact, we were the first (and to date only) company in the world to operate a solos only river cruise.


Who's Two's a Crowd and how long have you been operating?

Two’s a Crowd is based in Melbourne Australia and was established in 2012. We are a full member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and the Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS). We’re also a full member of the Confederation of Australian Tour Operators (CATO).

Can I book with Two's a Crowd even if I live outside Australia?

We have customers from all over the world including New Zealand, USA, Asia and as far away as Scotland. Our mission is to make solo travel accessible and affordable for solos, regardless of where they live. For our small group solo tours, we’ll quote and book airfares from your home country to the tour destination.

What is Two's a Crowd's Covid-19 policy?

Two’s a Crowd does not require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to travel with us.  However, we do encourage our clients to be vaccinated in order to protect themselves and others.  Specific proof of vaccination or testing may be required by an airline, cruise line or destination.  Please ensure you check relevant requirements carefully.  Our full COVID-19 policy can be found here.

Why is Two's a Crowd no longer booking international flights for clients?
Since our inception 10 years ago, we have provided an international airfare booking service to our clients. Over the past 2 years however, airlines have been winding back commission levels offered to their agents and, in recent months, most airlines have reduced these levels to zero. This brings Australia into line with US and UK commission levels which were eliminated some years ago. As a result, we have taken the decision to withdraw from booking international air. Rest assured we will continue to assist by researching the best flight options which you can either book direct or via your local travel agent. We can even recommend an agent if you don’t have one!  This decision enables us to focus 100% on creating solo adventures for travellers from Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

If you don’t see the question you were looking for here then send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What Our Clients Say

20 out of 10!

The trip was just great - I can't really think of any negatives. Diane will back me up when I say I usually give 10/10s - I gave her 20/10. Trish, Canada/Alaska

Excellent trip

I found the overall trip excellent. I believe Diane's professionalism, inclusive personality and ability to relate to all contributed to this. She worked to ensure the group was cohesive without individuals impinging on the personal space of others etc. a good skill to have and one she applied effectively. Kate, Canada/Alaska

Fantastic value for money

Fantastic value for money paid. Russell our guide is an asset to your company... he was fantastic! Overall the trip was magical from start to finish. Well done Two's a Crowd ... the best trip ever. Barbara, Canada/Alaska

Fantastic first solo trip

I had a fantastic trip. Absolutely loved Canada and Alaska. It's the first time I have travelled solo and was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of people that all got on so well. Diane our host was great. She did a good job of getting us altogether for meals, excursions, shopping trips etc. I liked that she quietly got things done without being loud or "in-your-face". She was good at being one of us as well as our leader. Wendy, Canada/Alaska

Good balance of activities and spare time

Had a great time. Good mixture of organised activities and spare time. Diane was an excellent tour host. Russell the tour guide was great, very knowledgeable and personable with his insights into growing up and living in Canada. Sharon, Canada/Alaska

Well organised trip with an excellent host

The trip was well organised, with a good mix of activity and free time. The scenery was spectacular and fellow travellers were a great bunch. Diane is a excellent host - helpful, courteous and above all a pleasure to know. I found her bubbly personality a bonus and can only speak highly of her. Gary, Canada/Alaska

I had a fabulous time

I had a fabulous time. Lake Louise and the hotel were magnificent. The cruise was excellent. Diane made sure that she was available for group meals and sightseeing, and was alway in good humour and great fun. I would recommend your company to everyone and am very interested in the Scandinavia  tour at the end of 2017.

Cathy, Adelaide - Canada/Alaska May 2016

Great holiday

What a great trip! I experienced so much and participated in all that was offered. I had read and reviewed as much as time allowed me but was not prepared for what the trip gave me and that is a better understanding of the beautiful people of both countries. - Lesley on Vietnam/Cambodia

In good company

I thought the suggestions for optional things to do, in the "free" time were very good. So good, we really ended up with very little free time. So much to do! - Mary on Vietnam

Great time together

I found the trip interesting and eye opening with a great overview of both Vietnam and Cambodia. The other travellers on the trip were fabulous and we had a great time together. - Anonymous on Vietnam/Cambodia

Fantastic first experience!

Extremely well organised with fabulous guides throughout - especially in Vietnam! First holiday with your company and certainly not the last. - Glenys on Vietnam

Great group to travel with

Having a small group meant that the days were more relaxed and flexible and I really felt spoilt and looked after. Melinda on Borneo

Thoroughly enjoyed Uganda

Thoroughly enjoyed my trip especially Uganda. There was so much variety of things to do on this trip. Jaros & Julius were great. Thought in Kenya the Maasai Mara were beautiful people, so easy to get along with. Judy

Can’t stop talking about my experience

I just feel so privileged to have shared with the Maasai the most awe-inspiring majestic sights and sounds of Africa. The fantastic memories will be with me forever. Maureen

Absolutely enjoyable

Gillian was a fantastic host. She was there for us from the moment we reached Hotel Troy. Heather on Africa

Best holiday I’ve been on!

One of the best holidays that I have been on - really well organised. I would never have travelled to Vietnam or Cambodia on my own. Bronwyn

Well organised

Fun, well organised and a really great group. Barbara on Vietnam/Cambodia

Great time together

I found the trip interesting and eye opening with a great overview of both Vietnam and Cambodia. The other travellers on the trip were fabulous and we had a great time together.

Great value

Well done. No complaints. Very pleased with this trip. Great value for my hard earned dollars! Really enjoyed the [Vietnam/Cambodia] tour. 

Fabulous rapport filled with much humour!

A great bunch of people & I can't believe how we all had such a fabulous rapport filled with much humour!!!

I couldn’t fault anything.

The (Uniworld River) cruise was great, I met up with some wonderful people who treated me like part of the family !
The ship & crew were fantastic & the excursions were very good, I couldn't fault anything. I'd recommend this cruise to anyone.  Peter

Informative and educational

The entire trip was one of the most enjoyable and exciting. Also so informative and educational. I was so pleased to make the trip. Wish I was over there in that magical place.  Marjorie


I’ve just returned from the wonderful Kimberley trip.  It was my first experience with Two’s a Crowd and I was delighted.  Kay

Opportunity to experience

I have had the opportunity to experience things I would never had done by myself.  Solo travellers is a fantastic concept and use of social media has been a great way to share and keep in touch with friends and family. Judi

I need not have worried

Being my first tour and a senior member, I admit I was apprehensive but I need not have worried. It was great and I was very well looked after.  Can’t wait to go to Kenya with Two’s a Crowd.  Maureen

Smooth and seamless

A memorable trip of a lifetime, a wish fulfilled.  A fascinating cultural country steeped in history which I found totally enthralling.  Two’s a Crowd service was smooth and seamless.  Pam

A wonderful experience

It was a wonderful experience visiting Cambodia and Vietnam and gave me a better understanding of these countries. I had a great time with new friends, we had a good bunch and Leonie was the perfect host. Eric

Value for money

Value for money and outstanding co-operation from your staff and tour operators. Joan

Safe and secure and totally looked after

An awesome adventure for my first time overseas alone.  Leonie was excellent and both guides were also fantastic.  At all times I felt safe and secure and totally looked after.  Melinda

Well done Two’s a Crowd.

Leonie was an excellent host, the ideal person. I never felt any pressure to  be involved in every activity so I could explore alone during free time. Having 2 or 3 nights in most places was great – you could rest up or party. Well done Two’s a Crowd. Jenny

A completely different experience

It was a nice surprise holiday, a completely different experience from all my other holidays. Thanks. Piroska

I’ve had at least 10 travel agents.

In my travelling life, I’ve had at least 10 travel agents.  Two’s a Crowd is the first one where I haven’t had to correct anything in my travel documents.   Piroska

I’m so excited to have found you Two’s a Crowd.

“Finally. A travel company is recognising the needs of people like me”

This is perfect for me.

“I’ve been to Burma but can you please send me some information about other destinations. This is perfect for me.”

I really wanted to meet the people behind it

“I saw your ad in the local paper and could have phoned but I wanted to come in and congratulate you on starting this great business. I really wanted to meet the people behind it.”

Two’s a Crowd on the internet was definitely meant to be!

I’m really enthusiastic about the niche you are determined to cover in the market, and have the feeling stumbling on Two’s a Crowd on the internet was definitely meant to be.

I find them inspirational

Thanks for sending these emails as I find them inspirational and will sit dreaming for the next hour or so.

Thank you for providing a service for people like me

“I am very excited to read about your area of speciality, and look forward to devouring all information that might come my way. Thank you for providing a service for people like me.”

Excellent throughout.

The entire 14 days ran so smoothly from Two's a Crowd booking my flights to  airport transfers and then the 12 days camping in the Kimberley. Excellent throughout. Congratulations. Marjorie

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