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What exactly is meant by solo travellers?

Here at Two’s a Crowd when we refer to ‘solo travellers’ we mean people who are travelling alone, or more specifically, wish to have their own room.
The marital or relationship status of members is irrelevant – a solo traveller could be single, a person in a relationship whose partner does not share their travel interests, or friends who wish to travel together but still want their own rooms.

Will I be surrounded by others in a group tour who are much older or younger than me?

Two’s a Crowd is designed to appeal to a broad range of clients aged 35 and over. We will do our best at all times to group people into similar age groups however this will depend on the number of people choosing a particular tour and their age range. We encourage you to complete the member registration form which allows you to specify the preferred age group of fellow travellers.

Does Two’s a Crowd aim to match people romantically?

No, our sole intention is to assist people who wish to travel solo, to do so in a more affordable and enjoyable way. We believe it is inevitable that travellers will meet fascinating people along the way and form some lasting friendships too. As for romance, that’s out of our hands.

I don’t really like the idea of ‘tours’ and usually travel independently. How are Twos’ a Crowd solo tours different?

With Two’s a Crowd solo tours you’ll have:

  •         More free time
  •         More authentic experiences and time to absorb the culture
  •         Smaller groups of around 15 people
  •         Your own room - we never ask our clients to share a room and we keep single supplements low

But at the same time you’ll have all the advantages of an organised tour – all the logistics of getting from A to B are taken care of so you can relax and have a good time.

What do you mean by low or no single supplements?

Single supplements can be as much as 100% of the per person twin share rate. Our definition of a ‘low’ single supplement is below 30% however we aim to source and present you with deals that charge a single supplement as close to zero as possible.

So I have my own room. Will I have a double bed?

The allocation of rooms is at the full discretion of the hotels and, while we request double beds for all clients, this cannot be guaranteed. Some may get double, others twin beds and others a single bed. The latter are especially common in Europe.

What is the role of a Two's a Crowd Tour Host?

Our Tour Hosts work closely with the local guide/s and operator to ensure the day-to-day  smooth running of the tour. Plus our hosts act as social co-ordinators. Where the itinerary has free time, the hosts are availoable to accompany clients to say local markets or  out for lunch or dinner.

I've seen group tours from other companies which are cheaper. Can you explain this?

There are other tour companies around that might offer cheaper tours but the single biggest driver of tour cost is group size.  Those tour companies operate with group sizes of up to 40 people which is mostly couples.  But with a group that big it's a military style operation which is more about seeing the sights than experiencing a culture. We keep our groups to an average of 15 (and never more than 19 which is just for Canada). While that does increase the cost, it makes for a much better experience. And that is what we see it as all about - how good was the experience. For our tours we have small coaches and more authentic experiences eg truffle hunting and vespa rides in Italy. We also have the same guide throughout rather than a different guide in each city. Plus with smaller group sizes we can stay at hotels that are in the centre of cities rather than staying on the outskirts as big groups do.And our tours are hosted by a Two's Crowd tour host from Australia. Plus we don't mix up our solos with couples and families. Its just our solos.


Are departures guaranteed for the small group solo tours?

Because we source tours specifically for solo travellers (rather than part of a much larger group tour which includes couples), departure is guaranteed once a minimum number of confirmed travellers is reached (generally 8). It’s possible that a particular tour may not generate enough interest. In this event you will be notified well in advance and we’ll discuss what other options we can offer you.
We’re keeping group sizes small to not only provide our clients with a fantastic experience but also to minimise cancelled tours.

What if I’m interested in Two’s a Crowd but you don’t currently have a tour to my preferred destination?

We conduct a regular survey to understand more about our client's travel preferences including preferred destionations. This information is used by the team at Two’s a Crowd to help us ensure we cater for our members' most popular destinations. If your preferred destination is a little more obscure and not so popular with other members, contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll see how we can help. 

Tell me more about your enewsletter.

 Sign up for the Two’s a Crowd Newsletter and you will:

  • Be the first to know when we release solo travel itineraries for sale. Our trips can book up fast, so stay tuned to grab these great deals.
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Why aren’t all meals included in the tour cost?

As our tours promise to give you more free time and the opportunity to absorb the local culture, we find that many travellers like the opportunity to explore s and choose their own dining options sometimes.
On days when a lunch or dinner is not included our tour guide will always suggest local establishments for you to try. You can dine with a new friend or two from the tour, or go exploring alone – it’s up to you.

What is the difference between a Two’s a Crowd Small Group Tour and one of the tours you have listed under Independent Solo Deals?

Whe you travel with a Two's a Crowd small gropup tour, these are private departures just for us. You won’t be joining up with a larger group of people for your tour. There’ll be no more than 19 people and they’ll all be solo travellers – no couples, kids or families. For your peace of mind, our tours are also accompanied by a Two's a Crowd tour host. 

A tour listed under ‘independent solo deals’ is included on our website because it has low or no single supplement and is good value for money however:

  • it’s not a Two’s a Crowd private tour – you will be joining the tour of one of our partner tour operators
  • the tour will not usually comprise only solo travellers (there may be families, couples, kids, and people of any age group – but we’ll tell you upfront)
  • it may not be a small group (it may be a standard sized tour group of 40-50 people)

Who's Two's a Crowd and how long have you been operating?

Two’s a Crowd is part of our main travel business called Noonan’s Travel which was established way back in 1978. We are a fully licensed travel agency and a member of the Australian Travel Agents Co-operative. We have a team of 6 people plus 6 Tour Hosts.

Two’s a Crowd was created in 2012 to  make travel accessible, affordable and fun for solos everywhere.We negotiate with wholesalers around the world to obtain great deals and declare war on single supplements. Plus our small group tours are solos only. You always have your own room when you travel with us…always. If you are in Melbourne drop into our office in South Yarra – we love talking travel. Or call to chat.

Can I book with Two's a Crowd even if I live outside Australia?

We have clients from all around the world including New Zealand, USA, Asia and as far away as Scotland. Our mission is to make solo travel accessible and affordable for solos not matter where they live. For our small group solo tours, we will quote and book airfares from your home country to the tour destination, In fact we can book airfares from anywhere too anywhere. If you are in New Zealand we can arrange Travel Insurance for you too. You can also pay us via international bank transfer and avoid higher costs of paying by credit card. We provide receipts and full documentation. Two’s a Crowd is not just a website. We are part of Noonan’s Travel which has been operating for nearly 35 years and have a team of dedicated staff who are here to help turn your travel dreams into reality.

For our Australian clients please call toll free on 1300 55 45 01 or in New Zealand 0800 895 145. Our international phone number is +61 3 8682 8811 -  the team will be delighted to help. Or email us your phone number and preferred time of calling and we’ll be in touch.

What is the average age group of Two's a Crowd travellers?

 This can vary from tour to tour. We cater for solo travellers 35 years old and up. Some are in their forties, while others are keeping active in their retirement. 


If you don’t see the question you were looking for here then send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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