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How to pack smart

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How to pack smart

If you’re a seasoned traveller you’ve probably got packing down pat. However we may sometimes fall into our usual routine and not realize there might be ways to pack smarter.

So whether you’re the organisational queen or king, you might just find some of these tips useful. If not, at least it’s assurance you’re doing the right thing.

This post originally appeared on World of Wanderlust

Use clingwrap to stop your jewellery from tangling

Tired of spending precious travel moments untangling your jewellery? Fear not! Use x2 strips of cling wrap to hold your jewellery into place. Simply place a your necklace on one strip of clingwrap, layer another strip overtop, and voila! Tangle no more.

Put a shower cap over shoes for protection

Whether you’re aiming to keep your clothes clean or your favourite shoes protected, separation is simple with something you’ll find a second use for: a shower cap!

Use the inside of your shoe as storage space

It may seem an obvious one, but it will soon save you oodles of space. Whether its delicate items you wish to protect or simply placing socks and underwear inside a shoe, this little trick is bound to save space by the end of your packing (especially if you pack as many shoes as I do)!

Rolling vs. folding

Ahhh, the age old debate! Its true that rolling your clothes will save space and prevent your clothes from wrinkling, but is it worth the extra time? The choice to roll or fold is totally up to you and depends on your preferences, but a great trick is to do both. Roll the clothes you wish to keep wrinkle-free and fold the thicker items like sweaters.

Place cords/chargers in a sunglasses case

Probably the most important items to travel with in the 21st Century are your laptop and phone chargers. Tired of losing them? Place your cords and chargers inside a sunglasses case to prevent them from tangling as well as knowing exactly where to find them when you open your case.

Use a pill compartment for small jewellery items (rings, earrings)

Place your small jewellery (rings, earrings) inside a pill compartment to prevent losing them in your bag.

Put fragrances inside a sock first

Ever arrived at a destination to find your expensive perfume/cologne now creating a misty aura through your entire suitcase!? Prevent spillages and breakage by placing your fragrances inside a sock first to protect them.

Pack the larger, heavier clothes at the bottom

It may seem simple – but this is one of the best tricks to know exactly where everything is. With your large and heavy items at the base of your suitcase, you’ll be able to see more of your items without shifting anything around inside your case.

Put your underwear in last in spare spaces

Last but not least – the one item you’ll never forget – should go into your suitcase last! Place your undies in small spaces and gaps at the last minute to a) save space and b) have easy access to a fresh pair of knickers when you arrive.

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